Applicant Interview Process

Congratulations on your selection for the next phase in the Chick-fil-A interview process! Please follow these steps to submit your request for the next phase:

  1. Submit your application online using this link.

    Use the link above to submit your official application online using TalentReef. Applicants must complete this step prior to scheduling your video interview.

  2. Schedule your VIDEO INTERVIEW using this link.

    The Video Interview is conducted remotely using a mobile device (or computer if a device is unavailable), and will NOT be in person. Instructions are sent via text message at the scheduled time of the interview. You will have 30 minutes to record your answers using your device’s video camera and reply to the sender.

  3. PREPARE for your Video Interview

    Be ON-TIME for your Video Interview! We recommend finding a quiet setting for the location of your recording, and make sure you have a strong cellular or wifi signal. And of course, wearing proper attire and presenting yourself in a professional manner is also highly recommended. Please note that failure to communicate or respond in the allotted time frame will result in disqualification from the interview process.


Selected candidates will advance to an IN-PERSON INTERVIEW.

After the video interview, we will review your answers and make a decision regarding your candidacy within 5 - 7 business days. To CHECK THE STATUS of your application, login to TalentReef. Please do NOT call the restaurant for this purpose. In the event that you are not selected for further interviews, we will retain your application on file for 6 months. You are free to apply again thereafter. If you are selected to advance to the in-person interview, further instructions will follow.